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Welcome to the Chuck E. Cheese's Wiki!

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About This Wiki

This wiki will explain the history of Chuck E. Cheese, the merchandise that they have produced over the years, the changes they made for the restaurant, and the arcade games that they have added to the place.

The full purpose of this wiki is to make memories of our childhood Chuck E. Cheese's.

Rules and Guidelines
  1. Swearing is allowed in the comments, but never in articles as it would make the articles look and feel unprofessional, so refrain from doing so.
  2. Vandalism, or any sort of removing important materials on any article at all will result in a permanent ban.
    • Inserting nonsense or gibberish into pages will result in a block as well.
  3. Feel free to contribute to editing out whatever it is, regardless of a spelling error or not.
  4. Do not make articles that do not relate to this wiki. Doing so will result in a block, depending on the severity of your actions, unless if it's in a blog.
  5. To keep this wiki in tip-top shape, please refrain from making articles on users as they don't have anything to do with Chuck E. Cheese's or anything related to subject.
  6. There is absolutely no conspiracy theories allowed. We don't need any rumors or lies to come to this wiki.
  7. Please, no drama is allowed, as it is a wiki about the Chuck E. Cheese franchise, not a warzone.
  8. Have fun!


Have any questions? Have any requests or suggestions? Contact the following admins below.

Forbidden Pages
  • Any internet trolls (This is basically troll-feeding if you make a page on them, and is easy to ignore them).
  • Conspiracy Theories (As mentioned in the rules, this is a conspiracy theory free wiki)
  • Anything to do with FNAF, as it would begin flame wars that nobody would ever win.
  • Hate articles on YouTubers (as this isn't a place to belittle, or humiliate them, so refrain from doing so.)

Check out the Chuck E. Cheese's website for more info.

Recent Changes
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